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Party Friends was formed with the aim of assisting parents in organizing their children’s activities such as birthday parties. We also plan and conduct family days and other kids related events for corporations. Feel free to contact us:

Tel: 03-2092 2177 /012-238 8126 (Ellene)

Email: info@partyfriends.com.my

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Exclusive Themed Parties

At PARTY FRIENDS, we do not just plan parties, we produce parties! Each party has a story line and we turn your stories and dreams into a production that you will never forget. We create games that make the kids feel that they are really playing the part of the characters in the chosen theme. From props and costume design to selection of soundtrack and games content, our objective is for you to have a "Box Office" hit!



For a friendly chat on your dream theme party, call us 03-2092 2177 or 012-2388126 or click on our FB page link and leave us a message.

Themed parties that have topped our list for the past years:


An exclusive production of the Magical Kingdom by Ellene Ahmad at Cyberview Resort & Spa. A combination of imagination, creativity and engineering marvel.

Specially fabricated Pumpkin Carriage on custom made runaway platform placed on the pool

Ballroom preparation

balloonscinderellaDetailed preparation at every corner of the Magical Kingdom

Fit for a princess






Ellene Ahmad has the passion of making dreams come true for children. Here is an excerpt from a story book written by Ellene Ahmad for a wonderful three year old girl based on true experience at her Barney Themed Garden party........

Chapter 2

A Happy Day

As the clock struck 11, Alecia's friends started arriving. Children ran about happily. Some were seen at the face painting corner while some were busy decorating cookies with pastel coloured icing and colourful sprinkles.
The children then gathered to play hide and seek. They had to seek for presents that were hidden around the garden. The “sleepy spell” had been placed on them and the spell would be broken when music filled the air. Alecia gave an excited squeal when she unwrapped her present. There it was, Barney, the purple dinosaur.

barney-cake barney-photos

CSI (Crime Scence Investigation / Detective Party)


This theme is suitable for budding investigators and active kids who like to solve mysteries.

Invitation goes out to all Junior Investigators who are brave enough to attend a tough C.S.I training session. Dressed in black and looking cool for the task of solving crime, Junior Investigators report for duty at the CSI Headquarters.

They will be given rigorous training to sharpen their detective skills. Their first assignment is to investigate a robbery at a diamond exhibition.The Junior Investigators will have to pay attention to details at the crime scene.

The drama sets in when the Junior Investigators hear "gun shots" and screams. The crime scene is in a mess with "blood" and some other gruesome discovery.

What actually happened? Can the Junior Investigators solve the mystery?

The Junior Investigators have to record as much information as possible and return to the Headquarters to process the information. Another shocking discovery awaits the investigators at the CSI Headquarters.

There is no time to waste as the investigators have to quickly solve the case to apprehend the criminal who is at large.



Children and even adults love going to carnivals. With lots of fun activities, prizes, pop corn, candy floss and lots of yummy food, it is no wonder that the Carnival theme is an all time favourite.

clowns pointsredeem

balloondart2 carousel2


We have crossed path with Batman, Spiderman and many other superheroes as this theme is the most popular theme among boys. Here is our version of the Batmobile constructed at the KL Tower during a "Superheroes" themed party.


Fire Truck Party


My Little Pony @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club

littlepony01 ponyparty small

littlepony02 littlepony03

Underwater Themed Party

underwater seacake 1 underwater world 1


pirates01 pirates02

pirates03 pirate4



Wizards and Witches

Harry Potter Themed Party

Each party is unique and important to us. Thus, we will ensure that your requirements are met by meticulous planning and preparation.

Personalized Invitation Cards

To create the right setting for the party, you have to start with the invitation cards. Invitation cards play an important role in bringing imagination to life. Invitees will start getting excited about the party upon receiving a unique invitation and they will definitely play their role as wizards at Hogwarts!
Each invitation will be sealed with red wax and only to be opened by a Wizard!

Party Activities/Games

As wizards arrive with their broomsticks and other form of muggle transportation, they will be greeted by the Professor. Books of spells and potions will be made available to the young wizards to get through a challenging and fun day of wizardry.

Practice dancing with several spells being cast on you that will turn your legs wobbly and be cautious as the Professor may also cast a ticklish spell on you.

Alohamora! Unlock the door and attend the Potion Making class. With ingredients such as slimy frog eggs, cat's tounge and crocodile tears, wizards will have their hands full in taking control of the ingredients.

Wizards will also be put to test to look for the Sorceror's stone. They will have to eat “soil”, look for slithering “snakes'' and dig into green slime to get the clue and find where the magical stone is hidden.
More fun await the wizards in hunting for the Golden Snitch and passing Hagrid's wobbly creature in the form of water balloons!

Nursery Rhymes




Mickey & Minnie



Aladdin & Princess Jasmine

Spa & Salon


Jet Fighter @ Royal Airforce Base, Sg Besi