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Party Friends was formed with the aim of assisting parents in organizing their children’s activities such as birthday parties. We also plan and conduct family days and other kids related events for corporations. Feel free to contact us:

Tel: 03-2092 2177 /012-238 8126 (Ellene)

Email: info@partyfriends.com.my

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  • Scientists Cum Detectives
    Description: The children will be required to look for a missing key to open a "treasure box". There are lots of goodies in the treasure box but there is also a “trap” in the form of green slime. They will have to retrieve the clues from various activities i.e. ball chase, handwriting mystery, solve puzzles.
  • Volcano
    Description: We will explain the anatomy of a volcano and carry out a demonstration to illustrate a volcanic eruption. The children will then get a chance to create their own "volcanic eruption".
  • Save RUFUS - Ron's Pet (A Detective game based on KIM POSSIBLE)
    Description: Rufus has been kidnapped by evil villains. The children will have to quickly find Rufus using clues found at the "crime scene", where Rufus was last seen enjoying his bowl of nachos.
  • The Matrix
    Description: Solve puzzles, cryptic codes, untangle string "balls". A maze of challenges that will keep the children on their toes to reach their reward! Suitable for active kids aged 9 and above.
  • Make a Solid Fossil
    Description: The children will become "palaeontologists" for the day. We will teach them to make solid fossils to take home.
  • Bubble Printing
    Description: The children will be able to play with bubbles and create their own artwork using lots of bubbles and colours. They will then be able to take home their creation.
  • Bottle Garden
    Description: We will explain how plants grow and the children will be able to carry out a simple gardening exercise and take home their plant to nurture. We will provide the bottle, soil, little coloured pebbles, "wishing stone" and a plant. The children can then bring home their garden in a bottle.
  • Cookie Decorating
    Description: We will provide big cookies in various shapes and provide royal icing in piping bags. The kids can explore their creativity by decorating the cookies. A small box will be provided for the kids to bring home their cookies
  • Float or Sink
    Description: We will explain why some things float and why some things sink. We will show that big things do not necessarily sink and small things like glass marbles will sink.

    Every child will then be given a clay ball and they will have to shape the clay so that it floats. Wet but fun activity.
  • Musical Monopoly
    Description: This activity is to expose children to the concept of giving, buying, winning and losing.

    Like the adult's monopoly game, a child may either lose all the "money" or some children may become instant millionaires or some may have purchased lots of groceries from the shopkeeper!
  • Create a Gas to inflate a Balloon
    Description: The children will be able to inflate a balloon by mixing a particular powder and liquid. Look out for the chemical reaction and the gas created will be able to inflate the balloon placed at the mouth of a bottle.
  • Sense-sational
    Description: The children will have to "touch" and "sniff" to identify items in black boxes. They can only put one hand into the black box and guess the items. We will also include fun variations such as slime, soft gum etc. 
  • Pirate's Treasure Trail - Hunt for the Pirate's Ring
    Description: The children will have to put together pieces of treasure maps and follow a trail of clues to find the Pirate's Ring!
  • Make your own scented play dough
    Description: We will provide the flour, salt, water, food flavours and colours. The kids can pretend to be bakers and make their own dough. They can shape the dough in any way . Leave the dough to dry. The dough will harden like cookies with a nice scent.
  • Paper Tiara/Crown Decorating
    Description: We will provide hard paper tiara and crown with decorating materials such as stickers and glitter gems for the kids to decorate their own tiara. Once completed, the children can put on the tiara/crown. Suitable for a Princess themed party.
  • Hand Co-ordination
    Description: The children will work in pairs. We will tie their hands together so that one child will have his/her left hand free and the other child will have his/her right hand free. We will then provide a gift for them to wrap and string to tie into a nice bow. Teamwork is important! The pair that completes the gift wrapping procedure first will be the winner. The pairs will then exchange gifts. (We will provide items that can be shared by the partners)
  • Build a Bridge
    Description: The children will pretend to be civil engineers and build a bridge using a piece of paper. A load test will then be carried out with toy cars. How many cars will the bridge hold before collapsing?
  • Fishing
    Description: We will provide "fishing rods" to the children. Attached to the rod is a magnet. We will scatter lots of paper fishes around the play area and the children will "go fishing" while learning the concept of magnets.
  • Cup Cake Decorating
    Description: Each child will get a cup cake. We will provide choc rice, choc chips, vanilla/choc cream and other yummy edible deco for the kids to create their own fun topping. Each child will also get a little box for the cake.
  • Beads Arrangement
    Description: We will provide boxes full of beads of different sizes, shapes and colours. Each child will get an elastic string and using his/her own creavity, the child can put together an attractive bracelet. Note: This activity shall not be taken as a "girls only" activity as it emphasizes on hand co-ordination and creativity.
  • Hunt For A Star
    Description: There will be several packages hidden around the playarea. There will be a star in one of the packages. The children will have to look for the hidden packages and guess which ones contain the goodies and star. The person who finds the star will be rewarded.
  • Dinosaur Dig
    Description: The children will be required to look for 4 hidden "dinosaurs". A package full of 'treasure' is attached to each dino. However, they will have to go through a few stages before hunting for the dinosaurs. The children will have to do a "Dino egg" chase, look for missing letters from bowls of "sago" to complete dino word puzzle, answer animal related questions before scrambling to look for the dinosaurs and loot packages attached to them.

Please talk to us for other educational and fun games/activities. We will advise the age group accordingly. You may also purchase games materials for D.Y.I parties. Call 03-2092 2177 for further information.